Free Scanning Apps for Android and iPhone

Document Scanner App is an interesting android tool used to scan and convert any document to a PDF or JPG file. It is available in both free and premium versions. Some features don’t work in the free version. So, you may be paid for a premium version.

The smartphone saves us having at home countless devices for personal use. Devices such as the camera, the e-book reader, a scanner, and even (for the most daring) the computer. We have it all in one and we can always take it with us anywhere.

Applications that help users to organize their copies, to detect the edges of the pages to improve the capture automatically, to allow several images to be included in the same document and thus have them all together, that adjust brightness and contrast, which could upload scanned documents to the cloud and even convert the image into editable text.

So if you have a smartphone with an Android operating system, do not miss the following best document scanner app for android phones to scan images and documents. By the way, even if you don’t believe it, surely you already have an application for scanning installed.

Scanning of the document (office documents, receipts, invoices, bills, etc.) is the need of everyone who works in the office or running his business. You can save scanned documents on your mobile phone and share them as a PDF or JPG file. Now, most work of a scanner is done by the scanning application.

The best quality of the document scanner app is OCR (Optical Character Recognition). It reads characters from the document/image and converts it into text. 

The following are the best document scanner apps for Android Phones. Just search its name in the Google Play Store and click on the install button.

Free Scanning Apps for Android and iPhone

Best Free Scanning Apps for Android Phones:


CamScanner is the best scanner app for Android phones. With CamScanner you can scan, store, synchronize, and collaborate with a multitude of contents through smartphones. The CamScanner app automatically adjusts the edges of the scanned document. It has a pro version for both Android and iOS. Mobile scanner, optimize scan quality, perform quick searches, extract texts from images, share PDF / JPEG files, advanced editing, security in important files, synchronize on different platforms.

Adobe Scanner

It is another best scanner app for android smartphones. When you are scanning the document, its automatic detection system will make it very easy to place the document in the marked area. Like CamScaner, you can also edit the document you have photographed with its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system. With this feature you can, for example, leave a blank space or add your name to later sign a document. You can also save it in PDF and share it.


With Scanbot you can scan high-quality images in PDF format. Its outstanding features are high-quality PDF scanning (200 dpi), automatic edge detection and scanning, multi-page scanning, color modes, automatic optimization, intelligent background loading. Send documents by mail or upload them to Google Drive, Box, Dropbox or other cloud services. 

you can also detect QR and bar codes, something very useful if you want to avoid having one more application on the phone exclusively responsible for this. The filters that it has will help you achieve the result you are looking for when scanning the document so that all the elements of it look correct.

Office Lens:

With Office Lens, you can crop, improve, and make legible images and documents readable. It allows you to invert the images in Word, PowerPoint, and PDF files, you can even save the images in Microsoft OneNote or OneDrive. It has interesting features such as the whiteboard mode, with which you can trim the document in detail, clean reflections or shadows that you have caused when taking the photo. In addition to saving your result on your phone.

Tiny Scanner:

It is another best scanner app for android. With Tiny Scanner, you can scan all kinds of documents and images. All scanned documents are saved on your phone as an image or as a PDF file. You can name and organize your scans in folders or share them via email, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, via Wifi. You can scan in color, grayscale, black, and white, automatically detect the edges, have 5 levels of contrast, protect your documents with a password. you can also adjust the size of the document to the format you want, e.g. A4, or that of a letter.

Main features of the best document scanner Apps for Android phones :

  • Quick digitizing printed document 
  • Smart cropping the scanned file
  • OCR quality
  • Make watermark on document 
  • Secure important document via password 
  • Flush auto/on/off/torch
  • Single-mode
  • Batch mode
  • Documents scan mode
  • ID card scan mode 
  • Passport scan mode
  • Auto/Horizontal/Vertical mode 
  • Gridlines on/off for better scanning 
  • Make a greeting card
  • Easily share via email, Bluetooth, or any social media
  • Make different categories/tags