Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals

Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals previously called Google G Suite for Education. It is a set of tools that provide a flexible and secure foundation for learning, collaboration, and communication.

I will try to collect the top Google apps for education for you. Google always offers and develops the best tools and apps. Some Google applications are helpful to use in education. These applications are known as Google G Suite for education. Google offers high support to these applications. These applications have quality, constant development, and updates. These are open-source apps and are free to use in the educative context.

Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals

Google offers schools the possibility of creating a community of users and using all the following online applications. These services are free for colleges, institutes, and universities. Its members will have accounts with a custom domain name (instead of The administrator teacher will have complete control over account management, i.e. registrations, cancellations, modifications, etc. It will be possible to collaboratively edit different types of documents between students and teachers, e.g. texts, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, calendars, etc. With the help of the Best Google Apps for Education, it is possible to use the Classroom. This tool involves the assignment and assessment of tasks based on the delivery of documents online.

Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals:

Google Drive:

This is one of the top Google apps for education. This application used to store all types of files (documents, photos, videos, pdf, drawing, etc.)  in the cloud. Google Drive offers 15 GB of free space to save the files. Google Drive can access from any device, like a smartphone, tablet, and computer. This is the safest place to store files online and you can access it anywhere you find an internet connection. You can also share files and folders with students to read, download or edit them without having to send them as attachments in the email.

Google Drive’s offline application is very important. Because when we store offline files in it, they automatically synchronized on the availability of Internet connection. We can access all these files offline.

Google Docs:

This is an online document editor like Microsoft Word. It allows us to create texts document online. We can incorporate images, drawings, tables, and equations, etc. The docs file can share with different users in reading mode or in edit mode. The joint edition in the docs file can make even in real-time. The download of an online document is also supported as well as the upload of files to continue editing them online. This import/export ensures compatibility in both directions: locally and in the cloud. Any text file published in Docs allows user comments by creating a discussion thread from it.

Google Sheets:

This is a completely powerful online spreadsheet offered by Google. These types of spreadsheets used in the creation of lists, project control, data analysis, preparation of statistical graphs, surveys, etc. We incorporate the formula, the insertion of graphics, filters and pivot tables, etc.

Google Slides:

This is another powerful tool provided by Google. It facilitates the creation of slide shows with dynamic transitions, animations, and embedded videos. Like text documents, presentations can share in reading or edit mode as well as export/import in the most popular formats.

Google Forms:

Google forms provide a useful tool for organizing online events. We can send surveys, quick and easy collection of information from students and teachers through online questionnaires, etc.

Google Calendar:

The use of calendars in an educational center allows for an agenda. It facilitates the collective management of events, use of spaces and materials, etc. Also to plan and control the performance of tasks, duties, projects. Google Calendars can also be shared between users in reading and/or editing mode, integrating into the Gmail interface itself.

Google Sites:

With this online application, you can create a website in a simple and collaborative way. It is an excellent alternative to create the website of the property, etc. The collaborating users can gather in a single place and get different information: texts, images, videos, calendars, etc. Templates are available to customize the graphic style and different page models.

Google Translate:

This is a free important tool offered by Google provides an online language translation service.  It comprises more than 70 languages. This allows us to translate words, paragraphs and speak to another language online. It is very important both for the teachers as well as students.

Google Groups:

This application is intended for the organization of discussion or debate groups around common interest topics. A user can create a group and other people subscribe to send their contributions.

Google Classroom:

This new service offered by Google. Those teachers and students can use it who have accounts in a Google Apps for Education community. It is based on the exchange of documents (read texts, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.) hosted on Google Drive. The teacher assigns a task to perform accompanied by an attached document that is stored in Drive. Students receive a copy of that document along with the instructions for completion. Then edit it to complete the task and send it to the teacher. The teacher corrects the document for each student, qualifies it by assigning a score, and returns it with the corrections and comments as feedback.

YouTube Education:

YouTube is the largest video hosting platform. This category of Youtube offers a wide range of educational videos. Honestly speaking, YouTube is a great education platform for students as well as for teachers. I personally use it. 

Google Keep:

This is the Google application used for notes. With this app we can save ideas in small files that are saved on the network. We can access it from any computer or mobile device with a Google account. Google Keep is the digital version of the popular paper notes with adhesive tape that sticks anywhere, on the desktop, on the computer monitor, in notebooks, or address books. It has an Android version that synchronizes to the same account and notes can be viewed from the computer.

Google Lens:

Google lens is a very important app for students as well as teachers. This app explores everything around your self, e.g. animals, plants, flowers, etc. Besides education, this app is used publically for exploring things.

Expeditions by Google:

Google Expeditions is one of the most prosperous apps of  Google. It allows students to access historical sites through a 360-degree photo.

In this project, Google has added more than 1,000 sites available. In addition, the company has announced that this application is now available to the public outside the educational field.

Science Journal by Google:

Google Science Journal is a Google app exploring the reality of the surrounding. It allows teachers and students to keep research in science. This can do simply using a notebook as well as a smartphone. 

Cloud Print:

You will feel great if you print your document from any of your devices from anywhere? This could be any of your devices, i.e. computer, mobile, tablet. Technologies for distance printing are updated in a wonderful way.


Google has developed this app for students and mostly uses in the education field. It performs both simple as well as scientific operations and calculations.

Google Handwriting Input:

Google has developed a standalone keyboard app through which we can write by hand. It allows us to write text and emoticons with a touch of fingers or pencils. It has supported 100 different languages.

Google Arts & Culture:

It was a project launched by Google in February 2011. It is an online platform through which we can see different types of art images and culture. Through this app, you can also get various types of information regarding artwork, museums, etc.


How to get Google Apps for Education?

You can search and download the best Google apps for education from the play store. Create your Gmail account.  Sign-in to Google play store. Search the desired App’s Name and choose the official app. Click on the App and install button.

Is Google Apps for Education Free?

In fact, you can download all these apps absolutely Free! However, if you are going towards the G Suit, you will pay for that accordingly.

Final Remarks 

We have the best educational apps with the special support provided by Google. Therefore, we have multiple useful and interesting tools in the educational world. Everything can start by creating a Google educational community for the center and distributing user accounts among students and teachers. This article has related to compiling the main services offered by Google in its most educational aspects.