Download Google Assistant App for Android or iPhone

The Google Assistant is an artificial technological resource used to perform voice searches on Google. It helps the user to find information on the Internet and execute actions related to the same query.

The Google Assistant app is one of the many successes that the American brand has had in recent years.

Even different studies have placed him as the most effective virtual personal assistant in the world, above Siri de Apple, Alexa de Amazon, and Cortana de Microsoft.

For example, the analytical company Loup Ventures listed it as the most reliable virtual assistant of 2018 by correctly answering 88% of users’ requests in voice searches through Google Home.

Due to its potential and significance for artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and modernization in general. Today we want to help you in understanding this great tool.

Download Google Assistant App for Android or iPhone

What is the Google Assistant App?

It is a virtual assistant developed through artificial intelligence, which is mainly available for mobile and home devices.

One of the main features of this tool is that it has the potential to develop two-way conversations, which guarantees a much more real and effective interaction.

This feature makes this assistant comply with the trends in Digital Marketing and marketing, which seek to get closer and closer to the client, to satisfy their problems and avoid all those frictions that can motivate them to change brands.

Initially, Google Assistant app not so famous, like any new tool, it was gradually gaining ground in the market.

Initially, Google Assistant App was debuted in May 2016, when it was part of the Google Allo messaging application and its Google Home activated speaker.

It was in February 2017 when he managed to reach great market penetration, by breaking through on different Android devices. Originally it was exclusive to Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones.

Then, two months later, the brand announced a software development kit that had a great impact, allowing it to run on cars and smartphones.

Since then, the growth and improvements in Google Assistant App have been constant, and one of its great successes was the inclusion of a new button, just a few months ago.

At the 2019 MWC Barcelona gala, one of the most important events in the world of technology, Google announced the launch of this physical button on the device, which increased the intuitiveness and facilitated the tasks related to voice commands, among other things.

In addition, the brand included new languages ​​in the application, including Urdu, Bengali, Tamil and Marathi.

How does Google Assistant work?

To use the Google Assistant app on your phone or a Google Home speaker you will only have to say something associated with a command.

For example, if you want to activate the alarm and reminder command, you must say phrases associated with it, such as “could you add an alarm at 6:00 a.m.?”.

This human-machine interaction, through artificial intelligence, is what allows this tool to develop its functionalities.

Also, if a phrase is not specific enough, the application could answer you with another question or expression that leads you to be more precise.

As you can see, the Google Assistant app simply works through dialogue and voice, so it is not at all complicated to use it.

Of course, if you want to use another language, you just have to configure it.

How to activate Google Assistant?

If you have not yet interacted with this application or have not paid much attention, you are probably wondering how to activate it.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that not all devices have the Google Assistant app, even though it is available for a wide range.

To check if your device has the assistant press and hold the start button. If the message “Hello, how can it help you?” Appears, great! That means you can use it.

Then, check if the system asks you to activate Google Assistant and if so, press the button. It is also important that you touch “update” to know if you have the latest version or not.

Once you activate and update the application (if necessary), simply teach Google to recognize your voice.

To do this you must enter the tool, activate the option of “access with Voice Match” and record a message with your natural voice, preferably in a quiet place.

You can also activate “unlock with Voice Match”, so you can access by simply saying “ok Google”.

Yes, just that you should say every time you want to activate the assistant.

What is Google Assistant for?

Basically, this application works like a personal assistant, where you can support yourself and make your life much easier whenever you need it.

Through this tool, you will not only be able to talk with a virtual assistant, who will become a member of your family, but you will have the possibility of reminder programs, write emails and create a list of tasks.

In addition, you can perform the already popular voice searches, which have become a trend and have posed new challenges for SEO (search engine positioning).

Currently, browsers such as Google Chrome, both on the desktop and on a mobile device, use search algorithms for loudspeakers.

That means that you no longer have to write in a specific way what you want to find because with pronouncing a word or sentence it will be enough.

What can Google Assistant do?

Perfect! You already know that this tool is a secretary or virtual assistant, which will facilitate many of your tasks.

However, you still need to know, specifically, what things you can do through “Ok Google”.

For that reason, below we will explain four of the commands of this interesting application.


In addition to helping you set alarms and reminders for your daily life, Google Assistant has the ability to create agendas and review them.

This means that you can give directions to the application and then ask questions such as: “What is in my calendar tomorrow?” Or “What is my agenda today?”.

Thanks to this potential you can plan and review your days in just a few seconds and in a simple way.

Google Settings

Remember that, as we mentioned earlier, Google Assistant was developed to facilitate various tasks for users, including those related to the management of the application and, in general, the brand.

For this reason, you can adjust and configure your Google account through voice commands such as: “Open my Google account settings”, “see Google privacy settings” and “show me your search history”.

Mobile Phone Control

Being able to set up the Google account easily is a valuable tool, but that is not all that this virtual assistant offers you.

And it will also allow you to control different aspects of your mobile phone, such as activation or deactivation of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, flashlight, airplane mode.

It will even give you the possibility to select songs, increase or decrease brightness and volume, take photos and open the application you want.

Yes, thanks to Google Assistant your phone will be much smarter.


Like every human being of the 21st century, you must be aware that the Internet is an infinite source of learning and knowledge. However, you don’t always have the time to search on topics of your interest or aspects that arouse your curiosity.

All right! The reality is that you do have enough time to do it, but you had not taken into account the correct tool: Google Assistant.

Now you just have to talk to your virtual assistant to know when Google is stared? or where is the headquarter of Google, or how to prepare chicken biryani, for example.

Is the Google assistant better than Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa?

By joining us to this point in reading, you surely already understand that Google Assistant is one of the technological creations of recent years, specifically of artificial intelligence.

But is this really the best virtual assistant yet? Answering a question like this is not simple since everyone has specific tastes regarding the technological issue.

In addition, tools such as Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri, among others, certainly also have great potential.

However, as we explained at the beginning of the text, the Google Assistant app is statistically the most effective as indicated by a study by the company Loup Ventures, which makes it occupy a special place in the sector.

In addition, its latest updates have made it much more intuitive and practical, which is very useful when interacting with a virtual assistant.

In conclusion, we are talking about a technology masterpiece, so you should take advantage of it!

Now that you know what Google Assistant is, how it works and what you should do to activate this application. Just start to familiarize yourself with it and then decide.

How to Download Google Assistant App?

You can download the Google Assistant app from both platforms i.e. Google Play Store and Apple Store. Just follow the below link

Download Google Assistant App

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