Download Google Lens App for iPhone or Android

Google Lens app also known as Google Image recognition app is a mobile application developed by Google in 2017. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms.  It is an image recognition app using artificially intelligent technology. The application works using a mobile camera.

This application uses it to recognize the objects on which you focus. When you focus on an object or text, the application will begin to analyze it and recognize what it is. Once it has done so, it will offer you actions to perform that are related to the type of object or text you are facing.

Suppose we open this application on a phone and focus it on an object. Then we can get all the whole information about this object. It can be an animal, plant, text, etc. it will offer you different results and actions. And even in some cases, the application will suggest more than one action or type of search result related to the object. 

Download Google Lens App for iPhone and Android

What is Google Lens App (Google Image Recognition App)?

To perform these actions, Google Lens interacts with other Google applications, such as the search engine when it comes to finding related images or the translator when translating in real-time the texts you are targeting. It will also be integrated into other Google applications, such as Google Assistant or Google Photos, which has a button when you are viewing a photo to launch Lens and analyze what’s in it.

This is what we look at and what we can do with the Google Lens app and what are its best features? Some important things we can do with this best image recognition app.

Easily Coy Text:

Copy text from an image, because in addition to selecting a word you can also select a whole text and copy it. Suppose if someone has a visiting card and has an address or phone number on it, we can easily copy it in the form of text.  Just focus your Smartphone camera on them, that is, with the help of Google Lens you can easily do the things you used to write.

Scan and Translate Text

Translate text to any language in real time when you point to them with the application.

Easy Read from the Picture:

Normal When there is a website address on paper, you can open it on a computer by typing it, but with the help of Google Lens, you can open the URL by focusing your smartphone’s camera. And then the same URL will open.

Make a phone call if you point to a phone number.

Add contacts from a business card pointing to it, and let Lens analyze and propose to copy the name, phone, and other data.

Know about things around yourself:

Get information about the things around you, like clothes, furniture, and home-used appliances. Find out about flowers and animals, by pointing at them and letting Lens tell you their race or class, and allow you to search for extended information. 

Get information about a book just by pointing at it. It will search for the summary, reviews if available, and a quick link to a full Google search.

Find products to buy by pointing to a curtain, a table, or any other object to look for it in an online store.

Identify Plants & Flowers:

Identify plants and flowers in the garden. Google Images Recognition app will tell you about their name, species, and other information.

google lens plant identification

Know about Animals:

If you saw an animal in the part or anywhere and you want to get information about the specific animal, you just open the app and focus the camera on that animal. 

Analyze the menus of a restaurant. 

Do you know that situation in which you see things in the letter that you don’t know what they are? Then point to them and after reading the name Google Lens app will show you a photo and information about the dishes to order for that.

Explore the Places:

Explore the operation and rating of popular places, buildings, and hotels that you have around you just focus on that. Get information about a particular building that is popular and that you have in front of you just by pointing toward it. Read restaurant reviews if you are in front of them, Google will try to read the name of the poster and show you reviews.

How to Install Google Lens App?

Installation of the Google Lens app on Android is very simple, just follow the below steps.

  • Open Google Play Store in your mobile and search for Google Lens. 
  • The below screenshot app will appear on your mobile screen.
  • Click on the Install button to download and install it. 
  • Now you can use the application.
  • You can also use the below link to find Google Image Recognition App on Google Play Store.

Google Lens App Download

If you have an iPhone and an iPad, the process is a bit more complex since Google Lens does not have a separate iOS application. What you have to do is find the generic Google application in the App Store. When you open it, at the top of the screen you will see the Google Lens icon.

The technology of Google Lens is also available in Google Assistant for Android, as well as in the Google Photos application. It can download from Google Play and the App Store.